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Creative Member

Looking for a NEW WORK adventure?

Love to travel & work remote?

Craving for an amazing team to belong, grow and advance in?


You are a team player, yet able to work completely independently.

You are an experienced freelancer.

You have strong skills in your field.

You are aware of your strengths and flaws and are able to share those relentlessly within the team..


You are proactive & reliable,

living at your best flow conditions,.

You love to learn consistently.

You know yourself well and take good care of yourself.

Communication is fun for you.

You adjust easily & quick to a changing environment.

You share this vision? Feel like you're a great fit & this lifestyle is yoursLet's connect and make this a reality!

Be a part of this awesome team!

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Copy & Art Duo

Creative Partner

Looking for a creative partner in crime to manage project together?

Wanna get your ideas visualized?

Wish to put visions into action?


You are a great copywriter & conceptionist. You love what you do and you have successfully worked the industry as well as your own clients. Clever & witty are your first two names. Your supreme discipline: communications!

You have good morals, are described as a gentle fellow, you are honest & reliable. You consider yourself a genuine good person. You know yourself well and your boundaries. You consider yourself conscious and prefer a healthy lifestyle.


This is you?

Feel we could be a great fit? Let's connect and see how awesome we can be together!

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