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'Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind.'

Walter Landor

Consistent Brand Creation 

5 steps to take

Need guidance in building up your new brand?


Need support in relaunching your existing brand?



for you and your team! 

Choose your drill!

All WORKSHOPS can be booked individually and as combinations.
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The Checkup

Orientation Webinar

Check out where you stand in your brand building process and find out what you're missing.

Time effort: 30 Minutes

Branding Crash-Course 

Learn about the substantials on how to build a contemporary brand from scratch. Get a solid overview on which steps you need to take and how to get started! 

Time effort: 1,5 hours

The DIY Drill

The Bootcamp 

We will whip you through!

You will develop your very own brand under our supervision. This workshop leads you through the relevant steps of the brand building process. The program is available for individuals as well as corporate teams.

Time effort: 8 hours 

Frequence: 2 hrs weekly

Let us create a powerful brand for you! 

This way you don't need to worry about anything! Based on your vision and the needs of your target group we will find the right positioning and communication of your new brand, including powerful messaging and a stunning design concept!

Time effort: individual

Undercover Hire

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YES, please!

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