For Startups & Agencies

The following offers describe fields of experience and expertise. If your projects requires a larger framework, we are happy to help you set up a suitable team, according to your requirements.


Brand Building
Vision 2 Market

Your Startup needs a strong voice, a clear appearance and a face to remember? Let's bring your vision to life!

Re-/Branding Conception

Consistent Corporate Design 

Sticky Names & Claims

Unique Logotypes

Typo- & Iconography Recs


Workshops & Sessions

Better 2TGR? Need a sparring partner? Craving for a different perspective or want feedback on any of your ideas? Let's ping-pong!

Orientation Coaching

Brainstorming Session

Feedback One-On-One




App Development
UI/UX Design 

Your app idea calls for strategy and visualization? Hungry for a redesign of your existing app? Let's get started! 

Desktop & Mobile Apps

Project Management

Creative Planning & Conception

Wireframes, Mockups, Layouts

Human Centered Ui & Ux Design


Copy Writing
German Native

Need help finding the tone-of-voice for your audience? Yet not sure about the ideal way of communication?

Copy Writing

Naming & Claiming

Slogans & Headlines

Short & Long Copies

TV & Radio Spots


Digital Transformation
Analysis & Guidance 

Feel like your company needs to catch up in the digital world? Let's have a look what you're missing out on, shall we?


Quick - Check

Status Quo Analysis

Feedback Workshop

Action Planning

Workshops & Consultancy


Agency Kit
Emergency Aid 

One of your workers is absent?

Need extra talent or SWAT team to support your crew? Let's set you up with the fitting talents asap!

Team Building

Remote & RL Support

Team Supervision


Maternity Replacements 


Product Development
Packaging & Product Design

Are you developing a brand new product and need guidance how to design, name or market it? Looking for a packaging design?

Design Process Coaching

Corporate Design Concept

Packaging Design

Production Supervision

Product Marketing Strategy



Shooting & Concept

Need fitting imagery to represent your brand or product?

A Photo shooting needs to be planned & realized?

Visual Concepts

Location Scouting

Team Building

Project Planning

Production & Postproduction


Structure & Design

Your company, brand or product urges a consistent online representation? Your existing page needs fixing?

Home- & Landing Pages

Desktop & Mobile Development

Ui Project Management

Ui & UX Design Concepts

Production Supervision


Creative Leadership
Insinctive Ideas

Need a new attempt to a creative brief? Looking for guidance to structure your creative project or lacking resources to bring it to life?

Creative Ideas

Design Concepts

Pitch Partner & Alliances

Creative Team Lead

Production Supervision


Social Media
Strategy & Content

Need to be seen and heard? Want to engage more with your target group? Need more sustainable value content?

Idea & Content Production

Social Media Management

Social Team Lead

Copy Writing

Creative Direction


Scribbles & Layout

Need a quick scribble or storyboard of your idea? Wish for a unique artwork or meaningful illustration for a cover or else?


Handmade Sketches

Illustration & Lettering

Digital Drawings

Info Graphics

Technical Product Layouts